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FinaQuest Group International is a Training, Educational and Business Consultancy operating in the Accountancy, Finance, Information Technology, and Education Management sector. We also provide Business Solutions to Small and Medium sized organisations to enable them to operate effectively without worrying about the financial constraints of maintenance.

Our objective is to identify and provide solutions that are not only cost effective but flexible ensuring that those who engage in our services are able to pursue their educational and professional development aspirations as well as providing business solutions to suit the budget of upcoming businesses.


Local and International Trainings

Our training programmes are delivered by experience professionals who are specialist in their field so you can be rest assured that you are receive first class training.


Business process definition and Planning

The establishment of profit and loss, breaking even and understanding taxes both locally and internationally is service we provide both on-site and off-site.

International Student Recruitment

Admissions, Visa support and Advisory

we have partnered with international education institutions to offer you the opportunity to study various courses abroad.


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“On behalf of the staff at FinaQuest we would like to thank you for showing interest in our organisation. Our success is largely due to the care and attention given to our clients’ specific needs, our ability to respond to the challenging demands of our society and economic realities of our time. Our objective as a business is to bring first class education across the globe to Africa and beyond providing the resource and the support to further your career beyond expectation.”

Tukur Umar, CEO/FounderTukur Umar, CEO/Founder